FIMR/HIV Parents

Georgia FIMR/HIV
Pregnant or Parenting Women

What does FIMR/HIV mean to me?

FIMR/HIV provides an opportunity to share your experience and change service and care delivery  for not only just HIV infected pregnant women but all pregnant women within the state of Georgia.

How can I participate/help?

  • If you are currently pregnant and close to delivery;
  • had a baby less than 12 months old,
  • or are the caregiver to a HIV exposed baby less than 12 month old
  • Contact the FIMR/HIV Nurse Consultant after delivery or the Maternal and Child Health Section at 404.657.2850


  • Currently in Care
    • Link to CAPUS for additional resources
  • Out of Care
    • Link to CAPUS
    • Grady IDP: 404-616-2440
    • Fulton County Health Department: 404.765.4146
    • DeKalb County Health Department: 404.508.7866



Page last updated 05/23/16