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Pregnant or Parenting Women

FIMR HIV Process:

Key components include:

  • Data Gathering: Active surveillance of cases through record abstraction and maternal interviews
  • Case Review Team (CRT) looks at how community resources and services were provided to women and their families, identifies gaps in services and creates recommendations for system-wide changes. Each case is reviewed by a multidisciplinary panel consisting of:
  • Maternal and child health (MCH) providers,
  • HIV/AIDS professionals, Perinatal HIV prevention clinical experts
  • Community members, advocates
  • Other professional organizations and private agencies
  • Community Action Team (CAT) have the capacity to initiate systemic changes. Recommendations are directed to the CAT team, which is represented by a diverse group of community members:
  • Local leaders in HIV and MCH
  • Medical systems leaders
  • Community-Based Organizations
  • Consumer advocates and “champions” and leaders from within the community
  • Change in Community Systems: Some examples provided by current FIMR/HIV sites.
  • Educated providers and strengthened protocols for routine third trimester HIV testing
  • Provided and promulgated educational resources to private providers needing updates on current recommendations and resources
  • Conducted analyses using HIV surveillance data to track maternal HIV care around pregnancies
  • Trained OB providers and case managers about available mental health treatment options
  • Improved family planning for HIV positive women


Case Definition:

  • Refer HIV infected mothers currently not pregnant with a previous exposed infant or fetus > 24 weeks gestation who had delivered within the last 12 months or HIV infected infant up to 12 months post-delivery.
    • note that all cases that are referred may not be selected for review
    • mothers who complete the interview will receive an incentive


How Can You Help:

  • By referring HIV infected mothers who have delivered within the last 12 months
  • Mail Referral Form:
Georgia FIMR/HIV Initiative
PO Box 2107
Atlanta, GA 30303



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