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Georgia Colorectal Cancer Program (GACRCP)

Georgia Colorectal Cancer Program (GACRCP) Overview

Georgia is one of 25 states and four tribal organizations to receive a grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for colorectal cancer (CRC) prevention. Grant funding supports a program designed to increase colorectal cancer CRC screening rates therefore reducing illness and death from colorectal cancer in Georgia.   

In an effort to reduce the burden of colorectal cancer, the Georgia Colorectal Cancer Program (GACRCP) strives to address Healthy People 2020 National Objectives and state priorities by increasing access to colorectal cancer screening as well as early cancer detection and treatment among aging adults.

Screening Promotion: To increase awareness about importance of colorectal cancer prevention, early screening and detection among adults 50 years and older as well as their loved ones.

Screening Provision: To support increased access to the delivery of colorectal cancer screening test.

Enhance Community-Clinical Linkage: To enhance healthcare provider education and support as well as strengthen linkages withincommunity through patient navigator networks. 

The Georgia Colorectal Cancer Program (GACRCP) partners with Emory Prevention and Research Center (EPRC) to develop and execute an evaluation of the CRCPs work in Georgia.  The EPRC collaborates with communities throughout Georgia to prevent cancer and other chronic diseases as well as to reduce health disparities in rural Georgia.   

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