Georgia CSA Program: Participating Facilities

Where would I find Cancer State Aid (CSA) participating facilities in my area? 

Georgia Cancer State Aid (CSA) Participating Facilities

Georgia Cancer State Aid (CSA) participating facilities and agencies provide cancer-related services to currently enrolled patients.  CSA funded services may include physician prescribed inpatient and outpatient services:  


Radiation Centers (Freestanding)

Pharmacies (Independent)

Home Health Agencies

Medical Supplies

Please Note: Prior approved, limited medical follow-up services for currently enrolled patients maybe available.

Step 1: 

Patients must make application through a participating Cancer State Aid (CSA) hosptial or radiation center (please refer to the attachments featured below).

Step 2: 

Designated staff at participating facilities will assist the patient in completion of the application and will submit the application to CSA on their behalf.

Step 3: 

Enrolled patients must first have CSA approval to receive care from each needed facility for services to be eligible for program payment. All program payments are based upon current available funds.