Georgia FIMR/HIV

Georgia FIMR/HIV
Pregnant or Parenting Women

What is FIMR/HIV?

Fetal & Infant Mortality Review(FIMR) is a community process that helps identify and address missed opportunities associated with perinatal HIV exposure and transmission.


Why is FIMR/HIV so important?

2.5% of HIV infected pregnancies in Georgia resulted in mother-to-child transmission (GA HIV Enhanced Perinatal Surveillance 2005-2010)

  • Georgia’s rate is higher than national average (2.0%)
  • It improves HIV care systems for pregnant women, thus leading to prevention of perinatal transmission of HIV.
  • Brings together key partners and stakeholders to engage in discussions and plans for improvement


What is the goal of FIMR/HIV?

Identify gaps in care for not just HIV infected women but Maternal and Prenatal care and service throughout Georgia.


How does FIMR/HIV work?

FIMR/HIV is an action oriented process to eliminate mother to child transmission (MTCT) of HIV.


Contact Information:

Georgia FIMR/HIV Initiative
Maternal and Child Health Section
Georgia Department of Public Health

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