Georgia Healthy Farmers Program


Mission Statement:
"To reduce the number of farm-related injuries and to improve the health of farmers, farm families, and farm workers in the state of Georgia"

Program Activities:

  • Collect farm injury data.
  • Offer programs on agricultural health and safety to the agricultural community through cooperative ventures with organizations, schools, hospitals, agencies and other groups.
  • Offer Farm Safety Day Camps to communities by providing:
    1. Financial assistance to 20 communities for implementation of a Farm Safety Day Camp.
    2. Training for camp coordinators in local community.
    3. An instructional manual on how to plan and implement a camp plus lesson plans for instructors on leading causes of childhood farm injury in Georgia's rural communities (including Tractor Safety, Water Safety, ATV Safety, Animal Safety, Introductory CPR and First Aid, plus Sun Sense).
    4. Consultation
  • Articles on agricultural health and safety written for farm publications and for distribution through farm organizations, groups, and individuals.
  • An annual statewide Women In Agriculture Conference for all women involved in agribusiness, farming, or who live in rural communities.
  • Annual award for Woman of the Year in Service to Georgia Agriculture
  • Health Fairs for the agricultural community.