Georgia HIV Programs

HIV CARE (Ryan White Part B)

The HIV CARE (Ryan White Part B) Program funds essential medical and supportive services for persons with HIV disease or AIDS, and manages the Georgia AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) and Health Insurance Continuation Program (HICP). The HIV CARE Program provides funding for essential medical and supportive services to 16 health districts and several agencies in Georgia, educates the public and health care professionals about HIV and AIDS, and monitors the quality of medical care and case management services.

HIV Prevention Program

The HIV Prevention Program coordinates the Statewide HIV Prevention Planning Group, develops and implements the Georgia HIV Prevention Plan, coordinates the HIV testing program based ondata reporting to the state, and provides capacity building and training for community partners and public health staff.

HIV Surveillance

The HIV/AIDS Epidemiology Section (HAES) at the Georgia Department of Public Health, is responsible for managing the state HIV/AIDS surveillance system and conducting critical HIV/AIDS surveillance, investigation, and epidemiologic activities for the state of Georgia. HAES provides data critical to targeting the delivery of HIV prevention, care, and treatment. It also provides data to reflect the scope of the epidemic in Georgia, actively guides data-driven planning and resource allocation, as well as evaluation of the effectiveness and impact of prevention programs and care treatment services.

What Is HIV and AIDS?