Intimate Partner/Sexual Violence

  • One in 3 women report experiencing sexual abuse or domestic violence, and 1 in 4 men report experiencing sexual violence by an intimate partner[i]. One in 3 teens report experiencing some form of dating violence, and there is a correlation between teens experience with sexual abuse or domestic violence and suicide[ii]. Moreover, an increase in family-related murder and suicide rates is linked to interpersonal violence. The situation is stark for Black/African American females, who are murdered at twice the rate of white females[iii]. Interpersonal violence puts a significant burden on Georgia’s healthcare system, in both medical and mental-health interventions and treatment, with violence against vulnerable populations like children, seniors, and low-income households driving up costs to Medicaid and Medicare[iv].

  • Intimate Partner/Sexual Violence Initiatives through GA Core SVIPP:

    • The GA Core SVIPP works with the Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence partners to discuss the needs in utilizing evidence-based strategies, particularly with child and youth advocates in member programs of the coalition. GA Core SVIPP established a prevention framework through training and education in evidence based/evidence supported practices, building community partnerships and understanding the shared risks and protective factors/connecting the dots with other forms of violence (TBI and Child Maltreatment) for the establishment of safe, stable and nurturing relationships and environments. GA Core SVIPP has additionally secured a partnership between GCADV and The Sports Medicine and Concussion Institute out of Northside Hospital Duluth for TBI trainings for Domestic Violence shelter staff. The goal of this project is to increase awareness of the signs and symptoms of concussions and other head traumas.


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