TB Educational and Training Opportunities in Georgia

 Please note that due to social distancing efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19, all live TB training has been suspended.  Digital learning modules, in the form of voice-over Power Points, have been developed for two courses listed below. Information will be posted as more courses become ready for use. An updated training calendar will be posted when live training resumes.  Thank you for your patience, and stay safe!

For questions, you can contact our TB Nurses at 404-657-2634 or [email protected]


Virtual TB Training

I. TB Update and Skin Test Certification Course.  When successfully completed, the participant will be eligible to receive the State (Georgia) TB Skin Test Certification. 

     A. DPH staff must access the training on Exceed, the DPH Learning Management System.

     B. Non-DPH Employees must follow the steps below. All components of the course must be completed, which include:

  1. Registering for he course (see registration form below).  Scanning and e-mailing the registration form to [email protected]
  2. Viewing the "DPH “TB Update and Skin Test Certification” power point.  
  3. Viewing the CDC Mantoux Tuberculin Skin Test Podcast  https://tools.cdc.gov/medialibrary/index.aspx#/media/id/302210
  4. Sending an e-mail to [email protected] after completing steps 1 -3.  A 10-question test will be sent and a minimum of 70% must be achieved.
  5. Being observed by a person already trained to administer and read TB skin tests and having that person sign for each of 10 observed placement and reads on the Skills Validation Worksheet (below).  Scan and e-mail this form to the TB Nurse when completed.

*Please note that, due to face-to-face class instruction restrictions since the COVID-19 pandemic, staff working for organizations that do not already have someone trained to administer and read TB skin tests will not be able to be checked off because they cannot be observed at work or at the local health department. Therefore, they will not be eligible to receive certification at this time. In these situations, we strongly advise not taking this course until it is again offered as a face-to-face option. Personnel that need to receive a TB skin test for employment purposes can make an appointment at their local county health department.

II.   TB Case Management Course for DPH staff, available now on Exceed.


Questions?  Interested in taking this course?  Please contact us through the e-mail below.

[email protected]


Download this pdf file. Registration form for the TB Update and Skin Test Certification Workshop


If you have attended a training class and lost your certification form, you may print it from the selections below.

TB Update and Skin Test Certification (currently being updated)

Download this pdf file. Skills Validation Form

Download this pdf file. Skills Validation Renewal Form

Train the Trainer: TB Update and Skin Test Certification (currently being updated)

TB Task Force (currently being updated)

The Southeastern National Tuberculosis Center offers a variety of TB-related trainings developed in response to the identified needs of TB care providers in the southeast region. Although some trainings are conducted in Gainesville, Florida many are webinars which allow you to participate from your computer. Trainings provide information regarding tuberculin skin testing, interviewing skills, anti-TB medication and much more.

Page last updated 09/18/2020