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Research Slide Sets & Reports

These files are public domain. Use of these slides to create new presentations or abstracts is encouraged.


Abstracts & Posters

    HIV Care Continuum, Georgia, 2011

     HIV Unmet Needs, GA, 2011       HIV/AIDS Unmet Needs,  2011


             Loss-to-Follow-Up of CARE Patients, Coastal Health District



      HIV Care Continuum, 2012 - Web View

                                            HIV Care Continuum, 2012 - Laser Print View


       HIV Care Continuum, 2011



Slide Sets

           HIV Late Diagnosis, 2011-2012

           HIV Multiple Imputation, 2012

           HIV Viral Load Distribution, 2012


              HIV Care Continuum, Georgia, 2012


      HIV Care Continuum, Georgia, 2011

                                     HIV Care Continuum, Atlanta, 2011

                                     HIV Care Continuum, Dekalb, 2011

                                     HIV Care Continuum, Fulton , 2011