Rural Roads Program


What does the program do

The Rural Roads Initiative develops innovative data evaluated programs to increase occupant safety in rural communities with a focus on the most at risk population which is teen drivers.


How does the program work

The Initiative works with communities to conduct, evaluate and continually monitor occupant safety programs to make them more cost effective and efficient at saving lives and reducing injuries


Does the program work

The pilot teen seat belt project for the program  began with youth having a seat belt usage rate of 47% in 2006, the rate rose to 80% in the first 12 months of the program and has maintained at least 70% ever since.  In 2013, the program has expanded to six additional schools. The over all results of the Initiative have been evaluated by the University of Georgia and found successful. The results of the pilot project were successfully submitted for publication in a peer reviewed journal, found here. You can access the full journal at WestJEM.


Who is funding the program

The program is currently funded by the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety and resources from the Georgia Maternal and Child Health Block grant.