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Annual STI Awareness Month 

April is STD Awareness Month. The statistics are real: the number of reported sexually transmitted disease (STD) cases are at an all-time high, and if you are sexually active, you are at risk of infection. Take Control of Your Sexual Health TODAY. Now is a great time to take control of your own sexual health by getting and staying informed. 

During National STD Awareness Month, the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) encourages people to get tested for STDs and encourages healthcare providers to talk to their patients about STDs. The Department of Public Health STD Office and all health districts strive daily to call attention to the impact of STDs and to promote STD testing across the state.

Local health departments play an important role in connecting people to testing and treatment, and often are able to assist people financially for the cost of tests and treatments. 

Working together has never been more important. Therefore, DPH encourages people to talk to their friends, loved ones, partners and children about the importance of maintaining good sexual health. STD and HIV prevention is the responsibility of each person and the right information and resources help people stay healthy.

Help us bring awareness in April for Georgia, where we make strides toward being STD and HIV free.

MSM Symposium - Save-the-Date

The HIV and STD offices present the Men who have sex with Men (MSM) Symposium. This is a unique opportunity for men who have sex with men or men who identify as gay/bisexual to come together in a safe space to learn, speak out, and discuss topics directly related to their health and wellness. For more information visiting the MSM Website:

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