STD Provider Resources and Trainings

The Georgia STD program collaborates with many partners to achieve its STD prevention, intervention, and control efforts. Such collaborations address disparities related to the social determinants of health and pave the way toward fully integrated services, especially in communities disproportionately affected.

  • DPH Webinars

    Expedited Partner Therapy (EPT) & the Pediatric Clinician 

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    Intended Audience: Pediatricians, pediatric nurses & PA’s & other clinicians


    • Identify the prevalence of gonorrhea and chlamydial infection in Georgia.
    • Discuss expedited partner therapy (EPT) as a method of preventing chlamydial reinfection.   
    • List public health protocols for expedited partner therapy (EPT) for chlamydia.

    DPH Webinar: Preventing Congenital Syphilis

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    • Describe the epidemiology of primary and secondary syphilis, particularly among women of reproductive age in Georgia
    • Apply Georgia state laws and guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force related to syphilis screening and treatment during pregnancy.
    • Describe common barriers to screening for and treatment of syphilis in pregnancy during a clinical encounter, and demonstrate ways to overcome the barriers

    DPH Webinar: GA HIV/Syphilis Pregnancy Screening Act of 2015

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    • Describe the epidemiology and burden of congenital HIV & syphilis in the U.S. & Georgia
    • Understand GA House Bill HB 436 (HIV/Syphilis Pregnancy Screening Act of 2015) & public health challenges for implementing the legislature
    • Describe the risk factors for MTCT of HIV & syphilis
    • Identify strategies to reduce MTCT of HIV & syphilis.
    • Apply common methods used in the screening and diagnosis of HIV & syphilis
    • Demonstrate knowledge of the recommended prevention and treatment regimens for HIV & syphilis

    Georgia Resources in Education on Sexually Transmitted Diseases

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    • Lists CVC, treatment, and screening recommendations for STDS and adolescence
    • Discuss how to take an effective sexual history from an adolescent
    • Identify techniques for effective communication about sexual health with adolescents.

    GAFP and DPH Webinar: “Sexually Transmitted Infections in Southern Adolescents” 

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    • Review the epidemiology of common sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in southern adolescent populations.
    • List key strategies to optimize sexual history taking and review the recommended STI screenings in adolescents.
    • Describe the presentation of common STIs relevant to adolescent populations Describe public health measures for the prevention of STIs among adolescents
  • CDC Screening & Treatment Resources 

    For additional CDC highlights, guidelines, Expedited Partners Therapy (EPT), and related articles Click Here

  • Training Resources from National STD curriculum

    National STD Curriculum 

    • Free educational website from the UW STD Prevention Training Center and the University of Washington 
    • STD Modules/Self Study, Continuing Education, News, Expert Interviews and Resources
  • STD CSTE Webinars

    CSTE produced STD webinars that can be accessed as training resources for CS and Adult Syphilis staging with supporting worksheets for self-study.

    STD webinars conducted by CSTEClick Here

  • National Network of Disease Intervention Training Centers

    The new National Network of Disease Intervention Training Centers (NNDITC) website. Provide a network of training centers, including knowledge-based online training, skills-based training, and four regional training centers. The website currently includes partner services resources and Passport to Partner Services modules.


    Reducing Syphilis Rates: A Healthcare Provider's Role