TB Publications, Reports, Manuals and Guidelines

Also see Educational Resources for the General Public and Educational Resources for Clinicians and Healthcare Providers

Georgia Manuals

TB Billing and Coding Tool, 2014

Georgia Tuberculosis Reference Guide, 2014

Tuberculosis Nurse Protocol, 2019

Tuberculosis Policy and Procedure Manual, 2016

Tuberculosis Program Evaluation Guidelines


Surveillance Reports


World Health Organization (WHO) Tuberculosis Report 2012

World Health Organization (WHO) Tuberculosis Report 2017

United States

Reported Tuberculosis in the United States, 2011

Reported Tuberculosis in the United States, 2016

Tuberculosis in the United States Slide Set, 2011

Tuberculosis Trends in the United States, 2011


2013 Georgia Tuberculosis Report

2015 Georgia Tuberculosis Report

2016 Georgia Tuberculosis Report


Airline Travel

WHO - Tuberculosis and Air Travel Guidelines for Prevention and Control, 2008

Tuberculosis Information for International Travelers Fact Sheet, 2008

Homeless Housing Facilities

Guidance for TB Control Measures in Homeless Shelters

Guidelines for Preventing and Controlling Tuberculosis in Atlanta Homeless Housing Facilities, 2016

Please note: The following Address Update pertains to Fulton County Health Department as it pertains to the Atlanta Homeless Housing Guidelines:

10 Park Place South, SE, 5th Floor, Atlanta, GA 30303      Fulton TB Clinic: 404-613-1450

Information for Volunteers in Homeless Shelters Regarding TB

TB Education Poster for Clients

TB Education Poster for Staff


TB School Nurse Handbook 

Guidelines for Initiating a School-Based Directly Observed Therapy Program 





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