Divorce Records

The State Office of Vital Records can search and confirm divorces that have taken place in the state of Georgia from June 1952 to August 1996. Verifications prior to 1952 and after 1996 are only available from the Clerk of Superior Court in the county where the divorce was granted.

A divorce verification is issued as a certified letter from the State Office of Vital Records. It provides the name of each party, the date, and location where the divorce was granted. It serves as evidence that the parties are no longer married. The divorce verification can be used for various legal purposes including:

  • to obtain a new marriage license
  • a social security card
  • a driver’s license reflecting your new legal name

Who may request a Divorce Verification?

Divorce verifications are available to the public.

How do I request a divorce verification?

Complete Form 3917 and mail it to the State Office of Vital Records for processing. If the record is found on file, a certified letter will be provided. If a record is not found, a Not-On-File letter will be issued.

Download this pdf file.Request for Divorce Verification (Form 3917)

The response time is 4-6 weeks.

Mail to:
State Office of Vital Records
1680 Phoenix Boulevard, Suite 100
​Atlanta, GA 30349

Note: It is not possible to request a divorce verification from the State Office by email or telephone.

Additional Forms

Download this pdf file.Report of Divorce, Annulment or Dissolution Form (PDF)