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The mission of the GHHLPPP, in keeping with the proposed HealthyPeople 2010 objective, is to eliminate childhood lead poisoning in Georgia.

Program Goals:

  • Update and implement the statewide lead poisoning screening plan.
  • Improve and redefine statewide lead poisoning surveillance system that incorporates electronic reporting of all blood lead levels and ensures the timely dissemination of information.
  • Establish policies and procedures that ensure the appropriate screening and follow-up of children at risk for lead poisoning.
  • Create health education, communication, and technical assistance programs for the general public, professionals, and staff that highlight the importance of lead poisoning prevention.
  • Develop multi-faceted and culturally appropriate primary prevention activities.
  • Evaluate the program completely in terms of process and impact.

DPH Video - Reduce the Risk: Preventing Childhood Lead Poisoning in Georgia

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An Environmental Health Specialist,
testing the lead levels on a house.