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Mission and Values

The mission of the Georgia Department of Public Health is:

To prevent disease, injury and disability;
promote health and well being;
and prepare for and respond to disasters.

DPH’s workforce is guided by the following core values in carrying out our public health work:

Excellence – Continuous improvement for optimal efficient, effective, and responsive performance.

Commitment – A pledge to abide by the organization’s mission, vision and values and advance the practice of public health.

Accountability – Good stewardship of the public’s trust and the public’s funds. 

Transparency – Openness and honesty in all aspects of operations.

Collaboration – Participatory relationships, both internal and external.

Teamwork – The sharing of information and active collaboration to solve problems, make decisions, and achieve common goals.

Innovation – New approaches and progressive solutions to problems.  Embracing change and accepting reasonable risk.

Science – The application of the best available research, data and analysis leading to improved outcomes. 

Customer Service – Outstanding and equitable treatment of customers and clients, both internal and external, by listening, understanding and responding to needs.

People – We value all people, our employees, our clients and those we serve.