Mission and Values

The mission of the Georgia Department of Public Health is:

To prevent disease, injury and disability;
promote health and well being;
and prepare for and respond to disasters.

DPH’s workforce is guided by the following core values in carrying out our public health work:

People – We value our employees as professional colleagues.  We treat our customers, clients, partners, and those we serve with respect by listening, understanding and responding to needs. 
Excellence – Commitment, accountability, and transparency for optimal efficient, effective, and responsive performance. 
Partnership – Internal and external teamwork to solve problems, make decisions, and achieve common goals. 
Innovation – New approaches and progressive solutions to problems.  Embracing change and accepting reasonable risk. 
Science – The application of the best available research, data and analysis leading to improved outcomes.

2016 - 2019 Strategic Plan | Georgia Department of Public Health

"This Strategic Plan was developed with input from DPH’s executive leadership team, district health directors, program directors and their staff, along with focus groups around the state. Aligning with Governor Nathan Deal’s vision for the State of Georgia, this plan includes carefully developed strategies and tactics that will help us achieve measurableresults and reduced health disparities, while our performance management system ensures periodic progress reporting."

Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald, Director
Georgia Department of Public Health