Putative Father Registry

The Putative Father Registry is a list of the names of men who have acknowledged paternity of a child by completing the Paternity Acknowledgment form or have indicated the possibility of paternity without acknowledging paternity of the child.

The Registry allows possible biological but not legal fathers to provide identifying information about themselves, the mother, and the child so these registered men can be notified about adoption proceedings.

The possible biological but not legal father is encouraged to place his name in the Registry as soon as possible after engaging in a sexual relationship with a woman who is not his legal wife where such union could result in the birth of a child, preferably registering before the child is born.

A man can use the Putative Father Registry Registration Form (no. 3960) which can be obtained in a county Vital Records registrars office, county Health Department, county Probate Judges office, or the state office of Vital Records.

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