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EMS Procedures, Forms, Applications & Resource Documents

The Department of Community Health (DCH) establishes the authority in policy that grants the Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS) to create procedures that follows and interprets state statutes and Rules and Regulations. OEMS procedures are issued by an appropriate official in the department, usually the Director of the State Office of EMS. Consequently, due to the ever changing system of emergency services, procedures must be easily changed, unlike statutes or Rules and Regulations, which require action by the General Assembly or the Board of Community Health. For the reason procedures can be adjusted quickly to reflect changes or advances in emergency medical services.

Special effort on your part will be required to adhere to the most current publication of procedures from the OEMS. As necessary, the OEMS will maintain updates to procedures through this procedure registry.

For information regarding EMS Procedures, Forms and Resource Documents contact the State Office of EMS at (404) 679-0547 or your Regional EMS Office.


Verification of Residency for License Application
Notification of Non-Compliance
C-08-A In-State License Request
C-08-B Out-of-State License Request
Personnel Information Change / Duplicate Card Request Form
C-09-A Voluntary Surrender Form
C-11-A EMS Instructor Application
C-11-B EMS Instructor License Renewal Form

Emergency Medical Services Licensure Form (GA EMS 1000) 
GA EMS 1000 Supplemental Form
Addendum A: Personnel Information
Addendum B: Vehicle Information
Addendum C: Insurance Information
License Application Verification

L-10-A Waivers and Variances Request Form 

R-E-01-A Vehicle Inspection Form - Ambulance

Scope of Practice for EMS Personnel


Adult and Pediatric Emergency Pre-Hospital Protocols
Modifiable Guidelines
Adult and Pediatric Emergency Pre-Hospital Protocols*
Stroke Thrombolytic Checklist