Georgia HIV Prevention Community Planning Group

In accordance with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) mandate requiring all state, local, and territorial health departments’ to actively support and integrate a participatory HIV planning process, the Georgia HIV Prevention Community Planning Group was originally formed in 1994.

CDC defines HIV community planning as “an ongoing, comprehensive planning process that is intended to improve the effectiveness of state, local and territorial health departments' HIV prevention programs by strengthening the scientific basis, community relevance, and population or risk based focus of prevention interventions”.

Georgia HIV Prevention Community Planning Group (GCPG) is the official name of Georgia’s HIV Planning Body. Programmatic operations of the GCPG are under provisions of the CDC; as an HIV prevention grantee for the State of Georgia.

Georgia HIV Prevention Community Planning Group operates as a single statewide body that plans for HIV prevention needs across the entire state. GCPG is part of an ongoing process whereby grantees share responsibilities for developing a Jurisdictional HIV Prevention Plan with other state/local agencies, non-governmental organizations, and representatives of the community including groups that are infected or affected by HIV and are directly responsive to the epidemics in their specific jurisdictions.

The mission of the GCPG is to collaborate with the State Office by making recommendations to improve HIV prevention programs in the State of Georgia by strengthening the:

  1. Scientific basis
  2. Community relevance
  3. Key stakeholder involvement
  4. Population and/or risk-based focus of HIV prevention interventions in the State of Georgia
  5. Communication and coordination of services across the continuum of HIV prevention, care and treatment   

The goals and objectives of the Statewide Georgia HIV Prevention Community Planning Group are as follows:

Goal One: GCPG supports broad-based community participation in HIV prevention planning

  • Objective: Implement an open recruitment process for GCPG membership.
  • Objective: Ensure that the GCPG membership is representative of the diversity of populations most at risk for HIV infection and community characteristics in the jurisdiction, and includes key professional expertise and representation from key governmental and non-governmental agencies.
  • Objective: Foster a community planning process that encourages parity, inclusion, and     representation among community planning members.

Goal Two: GCPG will assist the state in identifying priority HIV prevention needs and targeted interventions for those priority populations.

  • Objective: Carry out a logical, evidenced-based process to determine the highest priority, population-specific prevention needs.
  • Objective: Ensure that prioritized target populations are based on Georgia’s epidemiologic profile and a community services assessment.
  • Objective: Ensure that prevention activities/interventions for identified priority target populations are based on behavioral and social science, outcome effectiveness, and/or have been adequately tested with intended target populations for cultural appropriateness, relevance, and acceptability.

Goal Three: GCPG ensures that HIV prevention resources target identified priority HIV prevention needs as described in Goal Two and as set forth in the Jurisdictional HIV Prevention plan

  • Objective: Ensure a direct relationship between the Jurisdictional HIV Prevention Plan and the State Office application for Federal HIV prevention funding.
  • Objective: Ensure a direct relationship between the Jurisdictional HIV Prevention Plan and funded interventions.