Disease Reporting

Disease reporting enables public health follow-up for patients and helps identify outbreaks.  This is particularly important to do in a timely way for any disease or condition that may require immediate public health intervention.  Disease reporting also provides a better understanding of disease trends and patterns in Georgia to support program and policy decision-making and resource allocation.  All Georgia physicians, laboratories, and other health care providers are required by law ( Download this pdf file. OCGA 31-12-2 ) to report patients with the conditions listed under Download this pdf file. Notifiable Disease Reporting Requirements . Both laboratory confirmed and clinical diagnoses are reportable within the specified time interval.

Notifiable Disease Reporting Requirements:

How to Report Notifiable Diseases:

To Report Immediately

  • Call or fax to the Reporting Contacts at the District Health Office
  • Call 1-866-PUB-HLTH (1-866-782-4584)

To Report Within 7 Days

SendSS (State Electronic Notifiable Disease Surveillance System)

Notifiable diseases and health conditions can be reported through our electronic disease surveillance system, SendSS.  Register or log-in to submit through SendSS.

Problems Reporting

    • Call 1-800-827-9769
  • All other Notifiable Diseases
    • Call your Reporting Contacts at a County Health Department or District Health Office 
    • Call the Department of Public Health at 404-657-2588