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Protecting the Lives of All Georgians

The Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) is the lead agency in preventing disease, injury and disability; promoting health and well-being; and preparing for and responding to disasters from a health perspective. Operating across divisions, sections, programs, and offices at the state level, DPH collaborates with Georgia’s 159 county health departments and 18 public health districts. Collectively “We Protect Lives.”

public health lab
State Public Health Laboratory

Key functions DPH focuses on today include Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Women and Children’s Health, Infectious Disease and Immunization, Environmental Health, Epidemiology, Emergency Preparedness and Response, Emergency Medical Services, Pharmacy, Nursing, Volunteer Health Care, Health Equity, Vital Records, and the State Public Health Laboratory.


Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission Statement:

To prevent disease, injury & disability, promote health & well-being, prepare for & respond to disasters

Vision Statement:

A Safe and Healthy Georgia

Core Values:

People: We value our employees as professional colleagues. We treat our customers, clients, partners, and those we serve with respect by listening, understanding and responding to needs.

communications staff
Division of Communications

Science: The application of the best available research, data and analyses leading to improved outcomes.

Excellence: Commitment, accountability and transparency for optimal efficient, effective and responsive performance.

Partnership: Internal and external teamwork to solve problems, make decisions and achieve common goals.

Innovation: New approaches and progressive solutions to problems. Embracing change and accepting reasonable risk.


What We Do

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention:

Health promotion and disease prevention programs focus on keeping Georgians healthy. DPH provides a variety of programs that support this such as Chronic Disease Prevention, HIV/AIDS Care & Prevention, Injury Prevention, and more.

environmental health district staff
Environmental Health - District 1-2

Women and Children’s Health:

Georgia DPH provides public health services to women and children, inclusive of comprehensive health exams, testing, and community resources. Georgia Women, Infant and Children (WIC) specifically improves the health of families by providing nutritious foods, health education, breastfeeding support, and referrals to health care from staff dedicated to a healthy Georgia.

Environmental Health:

DPH’s environmental health team works to  monitor and address physical, chemical and biological factors that may cause injury and illness across the state. DPH implements a variety of policies and programs to reduce environmental hazards, which allows us to protect public health and provide communities with healthier environments.

WIC district staff
Women, Infants and Children (WIC) - District 7

Infectious Disease and Immunizations:

DPH, through collaboration with public and private providers, advocacy groups, and other stakeholders, works to increase immunization rates for all Georgians and decrease the incidence of vaccine-preventable infectious diseases. 


The DPH Epidemiology unit conducts surveillance for the occurrence of diseases and other health conditions that affect Georgians. By determining the who, what, where, when, how, and why related to disease and health conditions, appropriate interventions and control measures can be implemented to lessen their health impact.

Vital Records:

The State Office of Vital Records exists to create, maintain, protect, and provide access to vital events and vital records data to sustain the health and well-being of Georgia constituents in a manner that is timely, accurate, and secure.