Renew EMS License with LMS

Medic License Renewals with LMS

Effective October 1, 2019, all individual EMS licensees are required to use the Georgia EMS License Management System (LMS) for license renewals. Paper applications will no longer be accepted.

For information on how to access the Georgia EMS LMS, click HERE.

2024 Medic License Renewals

The renewal season for medics with provider licenses expiring on 3/31/2024 is as follows:

Renewal Term Start Date End Date
2024 Regular Renewal (for those with a March 31, 2024 expiration)  10/1/2023 3/31/2024
2024 Late Renewal (for those with a March 31, 2024 expiration) (additional $75 fee) 4/1/2024 9/30/2024

See the detailed steps below for how to renew your license. Prior to beginning the application, you should have the following ready:

  • A list of all of your continuing education for the renewal period (you should have your certificates as well). Medics SHOULD NOT be initiating the license renewal application until they have confirmed that 40 hours of Continuing Education are met.  
  • A clear and signed scanned copy of your CPR card (front and back)
  • For CTs and Paramedics: A clear and signed scanned copy of your ACLS card (front and back)

Detailed Steps for Online Medic Renewal

  1. Login to (click HERE for information on obtaining your login information)
  2. Click on Applications, then My Applications - then look for the appropriate application:
    • Regular Renewal that you are paying for? Click on Apply Now next to the application that says "Georgia Medic Renewal"
    • Late Renewal? - Click on Apply Now next to the application that says "LATE Georgia Medic Renewal"
  3. Form 1 - Training Hours Verification
    • This form has instructions on how to check your continuing education hours. (Click HERE to view a tutorial on how to ensure you have met all the required continuing education hours)
    • When you click Submit, if your hours are done, you will be given Form 2. If not, your application will be retired, and you will need to start a new one.
  4. Form 2 - Compliance Check
    • If you have completed Form 1 and all hours were correct, then you should be taken back to the "Continue My Applications" page, and under Form, you should see the "Form 2 - Compliance Check" - click Start
    • You will be asked about your residency status and any criminal history since your last renewal.
    • If you have no compliance issues, you will be given Form 3.
  5. Form 3 - Workforce Study Survey 
  6. Form 4 - Renewal Information
    • If you have completed Form 1 and Form 2 and had no issues, then you should be taken back to the "Continue My Applications" page, and under Form, you should see the "Form 3 - Renewal Information" - click Start
    • Complete each tab and click Save and Continue
    • All medics are required to upload a copy of their CPR card (front and back) and for CTs and Paramedics, a copy of their ACLS card (front and back) is also required.
    • Select your payment type - the fastest payment type is Credit/Debit Card (there is an additional $2.75 charge for Credit/Debit Card processing)
    • After completing all tabs and signing the last page, click Submit and then you will be asked if you are sure, click Yes.
    • If you elected to pay by Credit/Debit card, you will be taken to the Checkout page - once there, click on Pay now
    • Enter your Card and Billing information, and then click Submit Transaction - wait for it to finish processing (do NOT refresh your screen)
    • The "All Transactions" screen is next - if the transaction does not have a status of "Completed", then your payment was not successful, and you need to click on Checkout under Applications on the left to attempt your payment again.
    • If the payment was successful, then you should receive an email stating your license has been renewed. You can also click on My Account on the left and check your new Expiration Date. You can click on Documents under the My Account section to see your license card.


Page last updated 10/2/2023