Continuing Education

Minimum Required Hours for Medic License Renewal

You will need to complete a total of 40 hours of State or CAPCE approved EMS continuing education credits which include:

  • 8 hours of Pediatric topics
  • 4 hours of Cardiovascular topics (Stemi and Stroke)
  • 4 hours of Trauma topics
  • 24 hours of General EMS topics (except CPR and ACLS topics)

While National Registry is not required to be renewed for recertification in Georgia you will need to complete a total of 40 hours of State approved EMS continuing education credits in order to maintain your license active.

It is now required for ALL licensed personnel (medics and instructors) to input their continuing education for each renewal cycle into the EMS License Management System.

It is your responsibility to save all continuing education transcripts which you can provide the State should you be audited by the Georgia State of EMS and Trauma Office. Failure to provide the requested, required documentation will result in the suspension or revocation of your EMS license.

Continuing Education Hours Tracking in LMS

The new LMS allows medics to track their CEUs throughout a renewal cycle, and medics will be required to have all 40 hours of their CEUs recorded in the system prior to being allowed to renew their license. Medics who renew their license late for 2019 (starting now) or any regular renewal in the future must have current CEUs at the time of renewal. It is highly encouraged for medics to keep their CEUs up-to-date throughout the renewal cycle.

As a reminder, there are only two types of continuing education courses considered acceptable for medic license renewal in Georgia - those approved by the Georgia Office of EMS and Trauma and those hours approved by CAPCE. For medics who take Office of EMS and Trauma approved CEUs, instructors will be able to add your name to the roster for the course and automatically add the hours to your profile at the completion of the course, including state-approved conferences.

For information on how to access the new LMS system, click HERE.

How to Submit Continuing Education Hours During the Renewal Cycle

Please note - if you attend an OEMS course - before you add training yourself, please check to see if the instructor has already added you to the course.

If you have 

  1. Go to and login (click HERE for instructions on how to obtain access)
  2. Click on Applications on the left (you may need to click on View My Applications)
  3. Look for the application that says "Supplemental Training" and click on Apply Now
  4. Read the instructions and click Save and Continue
  5. On this tab, you will see any trainings that you have already added (or have been added by you attending an OEMS approved course)
  6. For each training course/date, do the following:
    • Click on Add Training to add a new training course
    • Enter the Name of the training
    • Enter the Date of the training (if the training was multiple dates, enter the last date of the training)
    • You do not need to enter the Location
    • Upload a scanned copy of your course certificate by clicking the Choose File button, and select the file on your computer for your certificate.
    • Click Add Topic, Select the Topic, Enter the number of Hours of credit, and if the Options show up, select the option for your provider license. (remember that you must have 40 hours - with at least 4 in Trauma, 4 in Cardiac and 8 in Pediatrics)
    • To enter additional topics covered for this training course/day, click Add Topic
    • When you are done adding topics, click Save
  7. When you are done adding trainings, click Save and Continue
  8. Sign and date the attestation statement by entering your password and click on Today
  9. Your hours have been added!

Download this pdf file. Instructions with screenshots to submit CEUs in LMS. 


Page last updated 5/01/2020