Internal Investigations Unit

The Internal Investigations Unit is led by the Deputy Inspector General of the Office of Inspector General who is charged with the responsibility of: Investigating:

  • Employee misconduct involving allegations of legal violation against the Department of Public Health (DPH);
  • Employee misconduct involving Standards of Conduct, Ethics, and Conflict of Interest policy violations;
  • Fraud, waste and abuse involving DPH employees, contractors, sub-contractors and vendors; and
  • Other activities that could potentially have a negative impact on the integrity of DPH, its reputation, and is employees.

Examples of violations include:

  • Accepting gifts and/or money from a person doing business with DPH;
  • Holding financial interests that conflict with official duties;
  • Falsification of official records:
  • Discrimination and unlawful harassment;
  • Release of confidential information;
  • Misuse of State equipment and Internet resources;
  • Violations of federal, state or local laws or regulations;
  • Mismanagement of funds;
  • Fraud or misuse of grant or contract funds;.

The OIG works with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to uphold the highest standards of integrity and accountability.

Any DPH employee or private citizen may report fraud, waste or abuse.

You may report anonymously by calling ­­404-656-4409, or emailing the details of your compliant to [email protected], or make a formal complaint by contacting DPH, OIG.

Complaints should be forwarded to: 

Office of Inspector General,
Attention: Deputy Inspector General
Internal Investigations Unit
Georgia Department of Public Health
200 Piedmont Avenue, SE
Atlanta, GA 30334

Page last updated 01/04/2023