EMS Instructor Licensure

License Management System (LMS)

The Georgia Office of EMS and Trauma uses an online platform to process all initial and renewal medic and instructor license applications. Paper applications are NOT accepted. Click HERE for information on how to access an existing account and how to create an account for new users.

Requirements for Initial Licensure (from DPH Rule 511-9-2-.17):

Requirement EMS Instructor EMS Instructor/Coordinator (EMT) EMS Instructor/Coordinator (AEMT) EMS Instructor/Coordinator (Paramedic)
Required Certifications (1) CPR CPR CPR CPR, ACLS
Instructor Prep (2) Instructional Techniques Course EMS Instructional Preparation Curriculum
Current GA Healthcare Provider License - 2 years continuous licensure Any EMS Medic level;OR Any EMS Medic level; OR AEMT, CT, Paramedic; OR Paramedic OR
RN, RT, NP, PA, or  MD/DO  RN, RT, NP, PA, or  MD/DO RN, RT, NP, PA, or  MD/DO RN, RT, NP, PA, or  MD/DO
NREMT Certification Required? (3) No Yes Yes Yes
Teaching Internship Required? No Yes Yes Yes
Degree Required? No No No Yes (4)
Application to complete in LMS (https://www.mygemsis.org/lms/) Initial EMS Instructor Initial EMS Instructor/Coordinator (EMT) Initial EMS Instructor/Coordinator (AEMT) Initial EMS Instructor/Coordinator (Paramedic)
Residency Verification Required for all levels. Must include Secure and Verifiable Document. (5)


(1)  Download this pdf file. See accepted CPR and ACLS courses here.

(2) See accepted Instructional Techniques Courses and EMS Instructional Preparation Curriculums below. Must be completed within the previous 3 years.

(3) For Instructor/Coordinator candidates licensed as an EMT, AEMT or Paramedic, candidate must have current NREMT at the provider level. Current EMT-Intermediates must have current NREMT EMT Certification. Current Cardiac Technicians must have current NREMT EMT Certification. Candidates who hold a non-EMS healthcare provider license (RN, PA, MD, DO, etc.) must have passed the NREMT assessment exam for the Instructor/Coordinator level being sought within the previous year.

(4) An Associate Degree or higher from an academic institution that is accredited by an institutional accrediting agency recognized by the United States Department of Education. The degree may be in any major.

(5) See information on this page under General Requirements for All EMS License Applications.


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