Protocols and Scope of Practice

Current Georgia Scope of Practice for EMS Personnel

  • Scope of Practice for EMS Personnel (SOP-2021) - Last Updated 10/27/2021
  • Post-Licensure Skills for Paramedics (SOP (PLS)-2020-1) - Last Updated 12/7/2022
  • Recent Changes:
    • 4/23/2020 - Extended the mandatory date of compliance with the Post-Licensure Skills for Paramedics to January 1, 2021. Also separated the Post-Licensure Skills for Paramedics from the main Scope of Practice. 
    • 4/23/2020 - Added “Perform specimen collection for infectious diseases.” to Assessment Skills. This was added to help the COVID-19 specimen collection and testing efforts in Georgia.
    • 4/23/2020 - Added “Administration or maintenance of high flow oxygen via nasal cannula.” to Post-Licensure Skills.
    • 10/27/2021 - Added EMT-R level and updated document to include medication administration routes and crew member response roles. Added clarification to vaccine administration (only during public health emergencies, and not mass vaccination clinics). Added reference to O.C.G.A. § 31-11-55.2. Administration of hydrocortisone sodium succinate intramuscular by emergency medical services personnel; training; reporting; immunity.
    • 12/7/2022 - Added “Initiation of the administration of blood/blood products in the pre-hospital environment.” Changed EMS agency PLS approval to a 2-year period.

2020 Georgia Scope of Practice for EMS Personnel Training:

  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Recorded Webinar from 12/27/2019. We are unable to offer CEUs for watching the recorded webinar. 
  • Note: The Training does not include the information related to high-flow nasal cannulas or the specimen collection that was added on 4/23/2020.

Stroke Protocols


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