Other Offices and General Information

Georgia State Health Assessment

  • The statewide health assessment provides the general public and policy leaders with information on the health of the population and the broad range of factors that impact health.

Office of Audits

  • The Office of Audits provides Public Health leaders an independent and objective look at how well the department is progressing toward the achievement of its mission.

Office of Inspector General

  • The Office of Inspector General is to serve as an independent and objective inspection, audit, and investigative body to promote effectiveness, efficiency and integrity in the Department of Public Health’s programs and operations.

Institutional Review Board

  • The IRB is charged with assuring that the rights of human subjects of research conducted or sponsored by the Department are protected as outlined in federal and state policies and regulations.

Procurement Services

  • DPH is an active and collaborative partner with the State Purchasing Division (SPD), which provides extensive procurement-related services to state and local government agencies and offers great opportunities for suppliers wanting to do business with the State of Georgia.

Attached Agencies and Participating Councils