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Alert all Georgia WIC participants – You must have your signed WIC ID folder to use your WIC vouchers in a store.  Please call 800-228-9173 if you have any questions about this requirement.

WIC COVID-19 Update

Look Up Your Nearest WIC Clinic

Georgia WIC is open and available for Women, Infants, and Children during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Contact your local WIC office for adjusted COVID-19 services available in your area.

The Georgia WIC Team continues to streamline processes, explore flexible options and request waivers, of USDA FNS, necessary to expedite and facilitate WIC services in light of the current COVID-19 Pandemic.  Approval for a waiver of physical presence has been granted along with the ability to issue benefits remotely. Other waiver requests are continuously being submitted. Although Georgia WIC has received several waivers from USDA, planning of processes and policies to implement the usage of these waivers must be completed.  WIC Clinics and authorized WIC Vendors (Grocery stores) will be notified once this has been completed and the waivers can be implemented. 

WIC values the safety of every applicant and participant, therefore social distancing practices are in place to minimize in-person contact.  The Georgia WIC Gateway Customer Portal is open and receiving online applications for WIC Services.  Opening the Customer Portal helps reduce the need for participants and applicants to go into a WIC Clinic to receive services where remote services are available.  

If you are interested in receiving services, complete a WIC online application at the Georgia Gateway website (Apply on Georgia Gateway).  Eligible applicants will be contacted by a local clinic to set up an appointment (remote where available) to complete the Nutrition Assessment and provide benefits for Georgia WIC Healthy Foods. 

As we continue to work through current circumstances, please know that our aim is to ensure that every action minimizes barriers for the citizens of Georgia.  Georgia WIC is here for you and will make every effort to provide platinum customer service during this time of need. Please contact your local WIC Clinic for adjusted COVID-19 services available in your area. See a list of USDA approved waivers for Georgia.

Georgia WIC COVID-19 FAQs  

Programa WIC de Georgia y el COVID-10 Preguntas Frecuentes (PDF)

  • Who is eligible for program benefits during this time? Are there restrictions or changes with who can apply?

    The requirements for WIC participation have not changed. Georgia WIC serves income-eligible women, infants, and children in the following categories:

    • Infants and Children age 1 to 5 years (including foster children)
    • Pregnant Women
    • Breastfeeding Mothers (up to 1 year)
    • Postpartum Women (up to 6 months)

    To find out if you qualify for WIC, go online to take the WIC Eligibility Assessment.

    If you want to know about eligibility for other food, financial or medical assistance programs such as SNAP, TANF or Medicaid, please visit the Georgia Gateway website at to create an account and apply for services.

  • How can I apply without coming into the WIC clinic or health department?

    WIC is available on Georgia Gateway!

    Applicants can complete the Georgia WIC application online and will be contacted by phone to schedule an appointment for the Nutrition assessment and voucher issuance portion of the eligibility process or to provide additional information to complete the application. Online applications can be completed anytime via The application is available twenty-four hours a day. Applications are processed Monday-Friday, during regular business hours.

    Many WIC clinic locations are also able to complete applications and other services remotely by phone. Applicants and current participants are encouraged to contact their local clinic or call center directly to schedule an appointment by phone. For assistance in determining which WIC clinic to call, applicants may contact 1-800-228-9173.

  • How will I know if a WIC clinic is closed or has changed their hours of operation?

    For assistance with determining which WIC clinics are open, contact your WIC clinic using the number on the back of the WIC folder, or you may call 1-800-228-9173.

  • What social distancing procedures are in place at the WIC clinic?

    Georgia WIC is following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines for COVID-19, including social distancing. Many clinics are limiting the number of people that can come into the clinic at one time and providing phone and drive-up services. Families are encouraged to contact their local WIC clinic for updates on operations and procedures.

    Georgia WIC was also granted a physical presence waiver to assist with completing some WIC services without the need for a participant or applicant to visit the WIC clinic. This includes the required height and weight measurements, as well as lab screenings which are waived as part of the physical presence waiver. If a WIC participant has had a recent doctor's visit, though it is not required, the medical provider can fax measurement and lab information to the WIC clinic using the patient's visit summary or other applicable medical record documentation.

  • What should I do if I missed my WIC appointment and I don’t have any more vouchers?

    The WIC clinic may be able to reschedule your appointment and extend your benefits for one additional month. Clinics may also be able to complete your visit over the phone. If WIC is unable to extend your benefits, you can reschedule the missed appointment. Benefits will resume once the appointment is complete. For specific information regarding your appointment, contact your WIC clinic using the number on the back of the WIC folder, or you may call 1-800-228-9173 for further assistance.

  • How do I get my vouchers if a clinic is closed or I can’t come to the clinic?

    Georgia WIC continues to support participants throughout the state while respecting the CDC’s social distancing guidelines. Many clinics are providing the option to mail vouchers for participants actively enrolled in the program. If you would like to request to have your vouchers mailed or obtain specific information regarding the receipt of vouchers, contact your WIC clinic using the number on the back of the WIC folder, or you may call 1-800-228-9173 for further assistance.

  • Where can I go to redeem my vouchers? Are there changes to what I can get?

    Vouchers must be redeemed at a WIC authorized vendor store location. There are no options to have WIC food items delivered to the participant. If participants are unable to go to the store, they may authorize a new alternate or alternate/proxy to pick up food benefits and/or redeem them at the grocery store. The WIC participant must simply notify their WIC clinic of the update and the authorized person must sign their name on the WIC folder.

    Vouchers must be signed, at the grocery store and in the presence of the cashier, by an authorized person listed on their WIC folder. If vouchers are signed prior to being redeemed, or by someone not listed on the folder, a participant risks losing the food benefits provided on the voucher.

    Georgia WIC is making temporary changes to the approved foods list for specified categories if the currently approved item is out of stock at the store. The following food categories will have these temporary changes:


    • Milk: Any fat content milk including fat-free/skim, 1%, 2%, and/or whole milk up to one gallon. Participants should choose the fat content closest to their issued milk.
    • Eggs: Any brand and size in dozen and half dozen packaging. Exceptions include organic, low cholesterol, free-range, pasture-raised, natural cage-free, cage-free, enriched colony, vegetarian-fed, or added Omega 3, DHA, or ARA.
    • Whole Grains: Any WIC approved brand of:
      • Bread in package sizes up to 24 ounces
      • Pasta, tortillas, and brown rice in package sizes up to 16 ounces
  • Is breastfeeding and pumping safe during the COVID-19 pandemic?

    Georgia WIC continues to support and encourage breastfeeding during the COVID-19 pandemic. Contacting your WIC office is the best way to get the support you need for breastfeeding during this time.

    If you have questions or concerns about breastmilk safety or how to safely pump/express breastmilk for your baby, please visit the links below for guidance provided by the CDC and Medela, the manufacturer of Georgia WIC’s breast pumps.

  • What should I do if I can’t find my child’s formula in the store?

    If you cannot find the formula listed on your vouchers in the store, we recommend that you first check with a store manager or store employee to determine if the issued formula is in the stock room. You should also ask when the store expects the next delivery of the formula. If you are unable to get the information requested or obtain formula in a timely manner, contact 1-800-228-9173 for further assistance.

    Special Formula:

    Participants with diagnosed medical conditions who are receiving special formula through Georgia WIC may be able to pick up their prescribed formula from a local WIC clinic. If you or your child have been prescribed a special formula, contact your local WIC clinic for more information about this process.

    Receiving a special formula requires documentation from a medical provider. Georgia WIC is not able to arrange clinic pick-up for the following products:

    • Enfamil Infant
    • Enfamil Prosobee
    • Enfamil Gentlease
    • Enfamil 24
    • Enfamil A.R.
    • EnfaGrow Premium Toddler Transitions
    • EnfaGrow Toddler Transitions Gentlease

Georgia Department of Public Health COVID-19 Information

wiclogo mom and baby smiling

Help When Help is Needed

The Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Supplemental Nutrition Program is a federally-funded health and nutrition program© for:

  • Infants and Children age 1 to 5 years (including foster children)
  • Pregnant Women
  • Breastfeeding Mothers (up to 1 year)
  • Postpartum Women (up to 6 months)

Picture of cloth face coverings

Cloth Face Coverings to Help Slow the Spread

A cloth face covering should be worn whenever people are in a community setting where social distancing may be difficult and especially in areas of widespread community transmission of COVID-19. Cloth face coverings help slow the spread of the virus.

How Do I Qualify For WIC Benefits?

Generally, WIC is available to:

  • low income pregnant, breastfeeding, and postpartum women
  • low-income parent or guardian who is the sole provider of children under age five who are at nutritional risk and who are at or below 185 percent of the federal poverty level

You can learn more about WIC and take the WIC Eligibility Assessment to see if you qualify* or contact your local WIC office to make an appointment and find out which documents you will need to bring with you. (To find your local WIC agency use the clinic listing)  At your appointment, WIC staff will check to see if you and your family qualify).

Face Covering Do's and Don'ts

What WIC Provides

  • Special checks to buy healthy foods from WIC-authorized vendors – milk, eggs, bread, cereal, juice, peanut butter, and much more (see Authorized Foods)
  • Information about nutrition and health to help you and your family eat well and be healthy
  • Support and information about breastfeeding your baby
  • Help in finding health care and other community services

WIC Online Application

Complete a WIC online application at the Georgia Gateway website. If you are eligible for benefits, your clinic will contact you with an appointment for your Nutrition Assessment and food voucher.

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