Georgia eWIC is Here!


Georgia eWIC is currently rolled out in 16 of Georgia’s 18 Health Districts with Fulton and Cobb/Douglas beginning this week along with Grady Memorial Hospital.  Georgia WIC is diligently working to complete implementation by October 2022.

Georgia WIC wants to ensure no one confuses eWIC (electronic WIC) with SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). Please stay tuned for more updates as the project progresses. 

Please note – A phased approach is being used to distribute the new eWIC cards. Participants can continue to use paper vouchers until they receive an eWIC card. Participants who received paper vouchers before eWIC rolls-out in their area will receive an eWIC card at the next scheduled appointment.


  • What is Georgia eWIC?

    eWIC is an electronic system for issuing WIC benefits which is loaded onto an eWIC card. 

  • What should I expect?

    eWIC services will be implemented throughout Georgia by October 2022. Refer to the rollout schedule to see when eWIC will be available in your area.

  • How does eWIC work?

    The eWIC card will be used in place of WIC vouchers to obtain WIC-approved foods from authorized eWIC retailers. You must have your Georgia eWIC card with you at the store to obtain your WIC benefits.

    You may use your eWIC card as often as you like throughout the benefit period. Any benefits not used by midnight on the last day of the benefit period will expire and will not roll over to the next month. The first and last date to use your benefits can be found on your WIC shopping list or your last cash register receipt.

  • How will I get my eWIC card?

    Participants who received paper vouchers before eWIC rolls out in their area will receive an eWIC card at the next scheduled appointment. 

  • Is my eWIC card reusable?

    Yes. Keep your eWIC card and take it to all your appointments.

  • How do I use my eWIC card to shop?

    Use the Georgia WIC Approved Foods List to plan and shop. The Georgia WIC Approved Foods List includes information on what foods and brands are WIC approved. When purchasing WIC and non-WIC foods at the same time, always swipe your eWIC card as the first form of payment.

    • You may use coupons and loyalty cards when making WIC purchases
    • SWIPE your eWIC card and follow the directions on the card reader, you will need to know the 4-digit PIN (see the Welcome to Georgia eWIC brochure for instructions on creating a PIN)
    • Foods not covered by your monthly benefits require another form of payment
    • Save your receipt so you will know your remaining WIC balance the next time you shop

    Unused benefits do not carry over to the next month. If you lose your receipt, you may check your remaining balance by calling the Customer Service toll-free number at 1-844-309-5653, by visiting the Cardholder website available at, or by checking your balance at an authorized WIC retailer.

    Misuse of your Georgia eWIC Card or food benefits is a violation of state and federal laws.

    Check out the Welcome to Georgia eWIC brochure, available in:


  • What if I have more questions about eWIC?
    • Visit 
    • Call WIC Customer Service at 1-844-309-5653
    • Talk to your WIC local agency
    • Check out the Welcome to Georgia eWIC brochure, available in:




Page last updated 10/24/22