Emergency Preparedness

Severe Weather Info:

Flooding: Septic Tanks and Drinking Wells
Food Safety: Before, During and After a Power Outage
Mold: Clean-Up TipsPrevention after a Disaster (video)

Additional Info:

Download this pdf file. Environmental Health Emergency Response Plan
Environmental Health Training in Emergency Response (CDC's EHTER)
Download this pdf file. Flood - Cleanup Guide
Flood - Prevent Potential Health Problems
Download this pdf file. Food - Guidance Document for Assessing Emergency Operation Plans​
Food - Safety Tips for Snow Storm Affected Areas (USDA)
Food - Safety Tips During Power Outages (USDA)
Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA)
Incident Command System (ICS) Resource Center (FEMA)
Mold Prevention After a Disaster (YouTube Video)
Ready Georgia
Download this pdf file. Strike Teams - Overview
Download this pdf file. Strike  Teams - Map
Download this pdf file. Water Interruption Brochure

* Additional Emergency Preparedness forms, inspections, etc are available to staff on the DPH internal site


Rapidly respond to public health emergencies through assessment and reduction of environmental health threats to human health.

Program Goals

  • Prevent communicable disease and contamination of food and water.
  • Develop and monitor environmental health information.
  • Inspect and control sanitation measures.
  • Ensure safe water and wastewater disposal.
  • Control disease vectors and potential epidemics.
  • Facilitate laboratory testing of food and water.
  • Inspect facilities and shelters.