Emergency Preparedness FAQs

  • When it comes to food safety, what do I do to prepare for and respond to a power outage?

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  • What are some Food safety tips after a power outage?

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  • What’s the difference between a boil water advisory and a boil water (BW) notice?

    Both are considered a water interruption requiring immediate action. A BW advisory indicates there is a possibility of contaminants in the drinking water, a BW notice indicates confirmed contamination in the drinking water.  

  • How should my restaurant prepare for a boil water advisory which is also called a water interruption?

    Click here  to download a boil water brochure.

  • Where do I find emergency planning guidance to keep my restaurant open during a power outage or water interruption by making an approved emergency operations plan?

    Click here  to download a guidance document.

  • What do I do when my septic system is flooded and I cannot flush, shower, or do laundry?

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  • What to I do when my drinking water well has been flooded?

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  • How do I clean up after a flood?

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    Click here to download a flood cleanup guide.

  • How do I clean up mold after a flood?

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