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Minimize water-related illnesses in non-public wells.

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Information and Services

The Non-Public Well Program (NPW), housed in the State Environmental Health Office, provides a resource for information on wells ranging from installation of new wells, maintenance of wells and wellhead protection, sampling recommendations, to the proper abandonment of wells. In addition, the NPW Program provides assistance and guidance on compliance with rules and regulations for Non-Public Wells. The NPW Program also examines waterborne illness and outbreaks and is available to assist State and Local partners with waterborne disease outbreak investigations. Services provided by the NPW Program also include conducting environmental assessments during outbreak investigations of small water supplies, restaurants, tourist courts, and swimming pools. 

Program Goals

  • Provide education, training, and guidance related to well installation, protection, evaluation, chlorination, sampling and abandonment.
  • Provide technical assistance and support to local partners regarding enforcement of the Well Water Standards Act.
  • Assist in waterborne disease outbreak investigations.

Contact Information

For questions or assistance, please call our office at 404-657-6534.