Hotels, Motels and Campgrounds


Minimize illnesses and injuries associated with insanitary or hazardous conditions in Georgia's tourist accommodations.

UPDATE: Download this pdf file.COVID-19 Guidelines for Tourist Accommodations

Rules and Regulations

Owner/Operator Resources:

Gas-Fired Equipment Form
Plan Review Checklist

Plan Review Submission Instructions
Public Benefits Affidavit

Well Water Info

Additional Information:

Bedbug Handbook

Bedbug Resources

Legionellosis Control and Investigation Manual

Legionellosis Resource Site (CDC)

Official Georgia Code

   Title 31, Chapter 28. Tourist Courts
Ready Georgia

Program Activities:

  • Conduct complaint investigations on insanitary conditions reported by tourists and travelers. 
  • Provide education and training for environmental health specialists, consumers and industry professionals on the rules and regulations.
  • Perform mandated inspections of all regulated tourist accommodations.