Minimize illnesses and injuries associated with contaminated or hazardous conditions in or around swimming pools.

COVID-19 Guidance for the 2021 Public Swimming Pool Season

To all Public Swimming Pool owners and operators, please read the most recent Governor’s 2021 Executive Order on Empowering a Healthy Georgia for directives on COVID-19 mitigation measures to implement at your pool(s) this season. In the Order, Section IV. Industry, Commerce and Organizations states all organizations that continue in-person operations during the effective dates shall implement measures which mitigate the exposure and spread of COVID-19 among its workforce. In addition to the statewide measures in the Order, the Department recommends an operator incorporates the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Guidance for Public Pools, Hot Tubs, and Water Playgrounds to also help reduce the exposure and spread.

Download this pdf file. Rules and Regulations (511-3-5)  * 
    Download this pdf file. Brochure - summarizing changes

* There is a 4-month implementation period for new pool construction and remodeling activities. Enforcement begins May 31, 2017. Owners/operators of existing pools will be given a reasonable period of time to comply with applicable changes in the amended rules.

Download this pdf file. Map of Counties With/Without State Regulations  

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For complaints (Covid-19 included), record requests, services, inspections, exams, or other locally-related questions, contact your   Download this pdf file. County Environmental Health Office  (or view as webpage). 

Program Goals

  • Reduce substantial health hazards and other risk factors that lead to illness or injury through training and enforcement.
  • Conduct complaint investigations associated with swimming pools, spas, and recreational waterparks.
  • Perform compliance inspections of all regulated facilities to ensure adherence to design, operation and maintenance rules.