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 UPDATE: To all Food Service Facility owners and operators, please read the most recent Governor’s 2021 Executive Order on Empowering a Healthy Georgia for directives on COVID-19 mitigation measures to implement within your food service facility. In the Order, Section III. Restaurants & Bars states all restaurants and bars, as well as all banquet facilities, private event facilities, and private reception venues where food is served, that operate during the effective dates shall implement measures which mitigate the exposure and spread of COVID-19 among its workforce. In addition to the statewide measures in the Order, the Department recommends an operator incorporates the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Considerations for Restaurant and Bar Operators to also help reduce the exposure and spread.

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NOTE: We are unable to address restaurant questions/complaints and we are unable to provide local records or administer exams; please contact your County Env Health Office)