Coverdell Acute Stroke ECHO

Georgia Coverdell Acute Stroke ECHO provides a virtual community learning platform for providers and first responders to access stroke specialist(s), discuss challenging cases, barriers and solutions to improve the stroke system of care in Georgia.


ECHO sessions are monthly and typically on the the last Monday, from 12 pm - 1 pm (EST). 

If you are interested in joining this or any other DPH ECHO, please visit

Georgia Coverdell Acute Stroke Registry ECHO Team:

  • Rana Bayakly, MPH, Georgia Coverdell Acute Stroke Registry, Principal Investigator, Georgia DPH
  • Denys Fluitt, MPA, GCASR Program Coordinator, Georgia DPH
  • Teri Newsome, RN, BBLSS, GCASR, In-hospital Stroke Coordinator, Georgia DPH

Contact Information:

To ECHO is to expand your understanding, so if you need more information, please email us at [email protected].  

If you would like to present a case in an upcoming session, please complete a case presentation form: 

HIPAA Compliance: All patient information will be de-identified for presentation during sessions. To ensure HIPAA compliance during patient presentations, please identify your patient(s) only by their assigned ECHO ID.

2024 ECHO Session Recordings:

2023 ECHO Session Recordings:

2022 ECHO Session Recordings: 

01-10-2022 COVID & Stroke:

01-24-2022 Stroke and Depression / Suicide

02-14-2022 Performance Measures for EMS and Hospitals: 

02-28-2022 Stroke Quality Improvement Impact on Hospital Payments:

03-14-2022 Stroke and Health Disparities-Health Equity in Georgia

03-28-2022 Telehealth in Rural Settings A Year in Review

04-25-2022 Special Session with Chronic Diseases - Diabetes and Stroke Efforts in Georgia

05-09-2022 NeuroVascular Learning Cases for Coverdell Leadership

06-27-2022 Health Equity/Zcodes/Wellstar Community Assessment

07-11-2022 Interfacility Transfer

07-25-2022 Collaboration Session 2 Diabetes Prevention Program

09-12-2022 Stroke Case Study: Difficult Case

09-26-2022 Implicit Bias

10-17-2022 Stroke Campaign Finding

10-31-2022 Interfacility Transfer Part II

11-14-2022 Cryptogenic Stroke and Cancer

12-12-2022  Invisible Disability Social Vulnerability Index

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