Cancer Registry ECHO

Georgia Cancer Registry ECHO provides a virtual community learning platform for cancer abstractors to access central cancer registry experts, discuss challenging cases, and update coding guidelines to improve accurate, complete, and timely cancer reporting in Georgia.


ECHO sessions are monthly and typically on the second Tuesday, from 12 pm - 1:30 pm (EST) 

If you are interested in joining this or any other DPH ECHO, please visit

Georgia Cancer Registry ECHO Team:

  • Debbie Chambers, ODS-C Region 3 Cancer Registry Coordinator, Georgia DPH
  • Lisa ConnorODS-C Region 2 Cancer Registry Coordinator, Georgia Center for Cancer Statistics (GCCS)
  • Zeytun Tobeyubo, Georgia Cancer Registry Program Manager
  • Rana Bayakly, MPH, Georgia Cancer Registry Director, Georgia DPH

Contact Information:

To ECHO is to expand your understanding, so if you need more information, please email us at [email protected].  

HIPAA Compliance: All patient information will be de-identified for presentation during sessions. To ensure HIPAA compliance during patient presentations, please identify your patient(s) only by their assigned ECHO ID.

2024 ECHO Recordings:


2023 ECHO Recordings:


2022 ECHO Recordings: 

01-25-2022: Reportability & Case Finding Quality Assurance Study-COC

02-23-2022: Head and Neck Staging & Common Errors Related to Head and Neck Coding

03-30-22: Highlight Changes by Diagnosis Year Navigating CAnswer Forum

04-26-2022 A Virtual Central Registry Visit

05-25-2022 GA DPH Cancer Registry ECHO - Bladder Staging & Coding (Physician & Cancer Registrar)

06-28-2022 Novel Approach - Biomarkers & Precision Medicine All About Clinical Trial

07-26-2022 Automating Data

08-23-2022 Ovarian Cancer (Physician & Cancer Registrar)

09-27-2022 CLL-Coding (Physician & Cancer Registar)

12-13-2022:  Cancer Registry Staffing - Recruitment and Retention


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