Procurement Services

All commodities, contractual services, and construction-related projects are procured by the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH)  in accordance with O.C.G.A., Section §50-5-50 through §50-5-81, otherwise known as the "Chapter 5 - Department of Administrative Services (DOAS); Article 3 - State Purchasing; Part 1 - General Authority, Duties, and Procedure" for guidelines, internal agency policies and compliance with applicable Federal laws and promulgated rules.

DPH is an active and collaborative partner with the State Purchasing Division (SPD), which provides extensive procurement-related services to state and local government agencies and offers great opportunities for suppliers wanting to do business with the State of Georgia.

DPH also subscribes to the State of Georgia’s Code of Ethics for Governmental Service and the State of Georgia Procurement Code of Ethics.  All purchases made by the DPH are based on ethical, fair, and competitive procurement practices, and are made with as much diversity in vendor selection as possible.

To learn about the rules and policies for becoming a registered supplier in Georgia, visit: State Purchasing Division - DOAS Website:


Updated: 12/27/2022