Voucher Codes for EMS Agencies and Education Programs

The previous Group Medic Renewal – Agency Paid application and process is no longer available. The License Management System (LMS) can now generate voucher codes for Medic/Instructor license renewal fees. This new automated process will also be available for Initial EMS license fees during Phase 2 of the automated voucher implementation process.

The instructions listed below are for EMS Agencies/Education Programs that pay the renewal fees for Medic/Instructor license renewal applications using the new voucher process in LMS.

This process is currently NOT available for EMS Agencies/Education Programs that request vouchers for use during EMS Personnel Initial License Applications.

Current voucher code amounts are $75.00 (Medic license renewals) and $25.00 (Instructor license renewals)

Download this pdf file. Instructions for requesting new voucher codes  

Steps for Applicants:

  1. When an applicant is completing the renewal license application, they will be asked how they want to pay - to use a voucher code, they will select the voucher code option on the application.
  2. Once they submit the renewal application, you will need to proceed to the Checkout button under Applications on the left side of the screen to pay for your application by copying and pasting the voucher code assigned to you by your EMS Agency/Education Program.

Once a completed application AND payment is received, your Medic/Instructor license renewal will be processed.

Purchased voucher codes:

  1. Should be treated like a credit card/cash.
  2. Can be used for partial payment of license fee.
  3. Can be applied for a license fee, any balance left on the voucher is not transferable. (The voucher code can only be used once).
  4. No expiration date.
  5. Non-refundable and Non-transferable by OEMST
  6. Can be used on any personnel (Medic/Instructor) renewal license application.
  7. The new issued voucher codes cannot be used on the Initial license application. This option will be available during Phase 2 of the implementation process.
  8. Voucher codes have real value to them, and the Department is NOT responsible if EMS agencies inadvertently release their codes to unauthorized personnel.
  9. The Department will not be able to reassign/reissue the voucher code to any other personnel once the codes have been released to the EMS Agency/Education Program.


Page updated 11/9/2023