Voucher Codes for EMS Agencies and Education Programs

Voucher Codes for EMS Agencies and Education Programs

Agencies/Education Programs may order Voucher Codes for use during EMS Personnel Initial Licensure Applications. 

Steps for Agencies and Education Programs:

  1. An Authorized Agent or EMS Agency Admin for an agency OR a Program Director or Program Admin should log in to the LMS (https://www.mygemsis.org/lms/public/
    • If the Agency/Institution is not a licensee of the Department, please email [email protected] and let us know you want to order voucher codes.
  2. Click on Applications, and then select the Service Applications
  3. You will see an Application entitled "EMS Agency - Order Voucher Codes" - click on Apply Now
  4. On the form, you will indicate the person to who the voucher codes should be sent (name and email) and indicate how many voucher codes you wish to purchase (up to 100 may be purchased at a time).
  5. Click Submit
  6. We will email an invoice to the Authorized Agents and EMS Agency Admins for the agency OR to the Program Director and Program Admin for the Education Program, and once we receive payment (business or cashier's check only), we will email the voucher codes to the person you have indicated. Treat the codes like money!

Steps for Applicants:

  1. When applicants are completing their initial license application, they will be asked how they want to pay - to use a voucher code, indicate the voucher code on the application, and then enter the voucher code number on the application.

Notes on Vouchers:

  • Vouchers are unique codes that can be purchased by EMS agencies and Education Programs for them to distribute to their personnel/students for payment of the initial license application fees.
  • Voucher codes may NOT be used for renewals for medics.
  • Voucher codes have real value to them, and the Department of Public Health is NOT responsible if EMS agencies inadvertently release their codes to unauthorized personnel.
  • Payments for vouchers are NOT refundable.
  • Vouchers do not expire but are only good for the purchased amount.


Page updated 7/26/2023