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Wastewater Management

Septic Tanks, On-Site Sewage, Portable Toilets


Program Goals:

  • Minimize health problems related to untreated human sewage.
  • Regulation and inspection of new on-site sewage management systems (septic tanks/field lines) installed annually.
  • Investigation and inspection of repairs made annually to improperly functioning on-site sewage management systems.
  • Education, training, and certification for environmentalists, septic tank installers, pumpers, soil scientists, geologists, and engineers involved in installing, maintaining, and repairing on-site sewage management systems.


Onsite Management System Rule (511-3-1)
Portable Sanitation Rule (511-3-6) (Portable Toilets)
Welstrom - Online Mapping Tool
        Septic Tank Permits, Wells, Soils, etc
        Additonal information

Homeowner Resources:

Buying addditives/chemicals for your tank? Think again!
Guide to Septic Tanks
Hire a Certified: Installer - Pumper - Soil Classifier
Understanding Your Septic Tank: Fun, educational video

Contractor/Environmentalist Resources:

Applications and Study Guides
Committies (Certification Review, Soil Classifiers, Technical Review)
Education and Training Courses
Product Approvals
Residency Verification Form
Rules and Regulations and Manual
Soil Classifier Info

Additional Information:

Background and Use of Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems in GA
Design Criteria for Peak Sewage Flow
Impact of Onsite Sewage Systems on Ground Water Nitrogen
Program Responsibilities

If a septic tank is not installed level
and/or at the proper grade, it will FAIL.  
Our Environmental Health Specialists|
always check for this...and so much more!