Arbrine and Ricinine (ABRC) in Urine

Brief Description

This method is a quantitative procedure for the measurement of Ricinine and L-Abrine in urine samples. The method uses Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) sample preparation and isotopically labeled internal standards for each analyte.

Laboratory Unit

Chemical Threat



Specimen Collection


Collect ≥5.0 mL of urine. Two empty containers of the same lot number should be submitted with the specimen. 


Consultation is required with GPHL Emergency Response Coordinator Req 24/7 contact number: 866-782-4584.

Urine  should be stored frozen (-20°C or colder) and shipped with dry ice.

Acceptable Specimen Type(s)


Test Request

Possible Results

  • L-Abrine 5.0 µg/L – 500 µg/L
  • Ricinine 0.3 µg/L –300 µg/L
  • Not detected
  • Unsatisfactory

Reference Range

Not detected

Unacceptable Conditions

  • Missing testing requisition
  • Missing minimum of 2 patient identifiers
  • Improper labeling
  • Specimen damaged, broken, or leaked in transit
  • Improper storage/transport of specimen
  • No specimen received (empty collection tube).
  • Wrong specimen type
  • Low volume (< 1.5 mL)
  • Failure to keep specimen frozen

Interfering Substances


Result Reported

1-3 business days

Turnaround times may be affected by the scale of the event.


No charge

LOINC/Order Codes

54932-9 (Order code: CT031300)

Additional Information