First Steps Georgia


1) Establish key “point of entry” sites where expectant mothers and primary caregivers with young children can participate in the First Steps Georgia (FSG) screening and referral process.

2) Use the FSG Screening Tool information to provide meaningful information and referrals to caregivers that will support the needs of primary caregivers and the healthy development of their children.

3) Provide families with a parent packet that contains: a) a community resource guide that describes resources and services for young children; and b) other up-to-date information on parenting, child development, and other issues relevant to child health.



1) The core of a First Steps program is a First Steps Coordinator. The primary responsibilities of this position are: (1) establish FSG Screening “access points” in a community and develop an MOU with this partner to allow regularly-scheduled screening of expectant mothers or primary caregivers of young children, and (2) develop an up-to-date community resource guide to be given to all families who participate in a GSG screening.

2) Additional First Steps Services staff may include First Steps Screeners – either paid employees or volunteer staff – who conduct the FSG screening with families and make referrals to services and resources as needed. These individuals are supervised by the First Steps Coordinator. They disseminate the parent packets and the community resource guide.

3) The First Steps State Lead provides technical assistance and training for all First Steps staff.



1) FSG Screeners must complete required training (see below) prior to conducting screens.

2) For each FSG screener there must be an identified supervisor. Supervisors must meet with each direct service provider individually no less than monthly.

3) At least annually, supervisors must shadow each FSG Screener as they provide services to families.

4) First Steps sites must participate in an annual review with the state First Steps State Lead.

5) All First Steps sites must maintain adequate liability insurance.

6) Parent packet materials must either be chosen from the FSG List of Preapproved Materials or submitted to the FSG State Lead for approval prior to use. Information from each of these six domains must be included in the parent packets: (a) Maternal Health, (b) Newborn/Child Health, (c) Home and Child Safety, (d) Community and Family Safety, (e) School Readiness,

(f) Family Economics/Self-sufficiency.

7) Resource guides for FSG sites must be updated with current information about resources and supports and submitted to the FSG State Lead for approval on an annual basis.

8) Information collected via the FSG screening tool must be entered into GEOHVIS within two business days after completion.

9) Within 2-4 weeks following an FSG screening, primary caregivers must be offered the opportunity to complete a satisfaction survey. Surveys are anonymously entered into GEOHVIS.



Updated 7/26/2022