Georgia Healthy Homes Coalition (GHHC)

Our Purpose

The Georgia Healthy Homes Coalition is a broad, voluntary group of organizations working to improve the housing conditions statewide through education and outreach to key stakeholders and public decision-makers.  Since 2014, the Georgia Healthy Homes Coalition (GHHC) focuses on promoting healthier and safer housing conditions in Georgia, particularly for low-income families, children, the elderly, minorities and other vulnerable populations. 

These guidelines provide the broad framework for a mutually beneficial working relationship between and among the Georgia Healthy Homes and Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (GHHLPPP) and all organizations participating in the Georgia Healthy Homes Coalition (GHHC).  Each organization has recognized expertise and has demonstrated leadership in its respective field(s).

Our 7 Vision Elements

  • Comprehensive Strategies to Support Diverse and Engaged Stakeholders – “seal of approval”
  • Coordinated, appropriate and effective marketing and education
  • Effective policies and strong enforcement – “passing strong laws”
  • Comprehensive, accurate and timely data tracking, surveillance and evaluation – data management
  • Diverse resources and revenue generating mechanisms – building and maintaining partnerships
  • Standardized processes and consistent implementation – quality control and training
  • Healthier, Safer Homes for Generations

Our 7 Principles of Healthy Homes

How can we keep our homes healthy: