Healthy gifts for Mother’s Day

By Julie Jordan
Published May 9, 2019

This Sunday we honor our mothers. They’re the ones who nurture us when we’re young. They develop our minds by reading to us. They teach us interpersonal skills through face time together talking with us. As we grow older, they encourage us to achieve our goals. And, they’re always there for us when we stumble along the way.   

But they don’t do all of this without making sacrifices. Mother’s Day is an opportunity to turn this around and give back to them. This year, give your mom the gift of well-being and health. Here are some ideas:   

  • Alone time – Mothers are most in need of time to themselves. They need time to destress and time to enjoy peace and solitude occasionally. Ask your Dad to take care of you for a while, so your mom can have a break, and use her time in a way that suits her best. Rest will help your mom better cope with life’s stresses and challenges. 
  • Sleep – Is your mom sleep deprived from taking care of the family? What can you do to help your mom get more sleep or better sleep? Try helping with chores she normally does herself. Help free up her time, so she can go to bed earlier, get more sleep, and enjoy all the health benefits that come with getting enough sleep.   
  • Exercise – Does your mom have time to exercise, or does she miss going on walks or doing her favorite exercise class, because she is helping with homework or taking care of the family in some other way? Create some time for your mom to get moving. This will help her mind, body, heart and lungs. She’ll enjoy a longer life with regular exercise.   
  • Healthy dinner – Who makes dinner the most in your family? Is it your mom? Why not make dinner for her on Mother’s Day? Make it regularly to help her even more. Make it healthy, so you’re taking care of the family the same way she would. Here are some easy, healthy recipes.  
  • Massage – Tense muscles often result from the stressful lives moms lead. Evidence suggests that massage can help with back pain, and it may improve quality of life for people with depression and cancer. Give your mom a massage to help relieve some of her aches and pains.   
  • Clean house – Who cleans house the most? Is it your mom? Give her a break and make those problem areas in your home sparkle. Cleaning helps clear the mind and allows for greater relaxation and creativity. Spark joy for your mom by giving her this gift.