Vaccine Safety

Vaccines are a safe and effective way to limit serious illnesses, hospitalizations, and deaths from vaccine-preventable diseases. In fact, vaccines have been so successful at combating some infectious diseases, many of us don’t know much about the diseases vaccines prevent, because we’ve never known someone who has had them. To ensure the continued success of vaccines in the United States, public health professionals are committed to making sure that vaccines are safe.

Most people do not have serious side effects from vaccines. Most side effects from vaccines are mild and go away on their own. Many common side effects after vaccination, like muscle aches or mild fever, are signs that our bodies are building a healthy immune response to protect us from disease.

The information on these links will address, among other things, the common concerns parents and providers have about such things as: vaccine additives; relationship of vaccines to such conditions as autism, diabetes, multiple sclerosis (MS), and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS); multiple injections; and common misconceptions about vaccinations.


Page Last Updated 06/16/2022