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Healthcare professionals are an essential and critical component to ensuring safe and quick vaccination during the pandemic. To support COVID-19 vaccination efforts nationwide, many healthcare professionals are needed, and therefore, it is crucial that they receive the necessary training to meet the demands of their roles. Below you will find training and resources to assist healthcare professionals with COVID-19 vaccination questions and concerns.

Healthcare Professionals interested in becoming a volunteer to assist with COVID-19 vaccination efforts, please click HERE.





Training/Education (for access to IRC, Train the Trainer and educational training presentations, please email the Immunization Program at [email protected])



Vaccine Information

7th Grade Immunization Requirements 

Immunization Schedules and Recommendations

Reporting System

Forms and Documents 

For information about Vaccine Information Statements, recommendations for their use, questions & answers, or if you wish to download Vaccine Information Statements or need them in languages other than English, see the Immunization Action Coalition website.

Download this pdf file. Georgia Vaccine Administration Record - this form can be used in paper charts to document doses of vaccine administered; the client's VFC eligibility for that dose; and information on the VIS. A page is also included which is designed to document adverse reactions.

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