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Sign up for Alerts

Given the recent COVID-19 pandemic the Georgia Poison Center is partnering with Georgia Department of Public Health and PunchAlert to provide you with the latest alerts, information and recommendations from local governmental officials. PunchAlert is free and allows you to receive instant updates for COVID-19.

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To receive texts in English, text GAPUBHLTH1 to 1-833-429-7025.

To receive texts in Spanish, text GAPUBHLTH2 to 1-833-429-7025.

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The Georgia Department of Public Health and the Georgia Poison Center have been in partnership for over three decades keeping residents of our state safe and healthy. From reducing morbidity and mortality secondary to poisonings to providing invaluable health information during epidemics and pandemics, Georgians can rest assured that their lives are in the best of hands. Protecting the lives of every resident of our state remains our top priority.

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How to tell if you're sick with COVID-19

       If you are sick with COVID-19