Rise Up! 159 Flag Football

Rise Up! 159 Flag Football 2018-2019 Grant Application

The Rise Up! 159 Flag Football statewide funding opportunity aims to help organizations and schools across Georgia increase the number of children that participate in flag football. The Atlanta Falcons are joining forces with Georgia Shape, Gov. Deal’s statewide initiative to address childhood obesity, to launch a two-year mini-grant program to expand NFL Flag Football participation statewide.

The Rise Up! 159 Flag Football Grant Program will help youth football leagues, after-school providers and schools to either start new NFL Flag Football programs or enhance existing programs. Grants between $1,000 and $10,000 will be awarded on a competitive basis. The Falcons and Georgia Shape are especially interested in projects that start new NFL Flag Football leagues and projects that increase participation among girls and children with physical disabilities. NFL Flag Football is open to all boys and girls ages 6 to 14.

Additional Requirements

¨ If funded, the program will align their program with the NFL Flag Football curriculum and official rule book.  https://www.nflflag.com/pdf/NFL_FLAG_Regular_Season_Rule_Book_2016.pdf

¨ If funded, and your program serves children with disabilities, the program will align with the Pop Warner Challenger League curriculum and official rule book.



¨ If funded, the program will make sure appropriate nutrition/hydration resources are available to participants. For guidelines visit Strong4Life here.

¨ If funded, the program will submit a final report of activities and outcomes to Georgia Shape, along with the final budget that shows how funds were spent, no later than December 30, 2019. The final report will describe progress on achieving deliverables and outcomes as stated in the programs action plan. A final report template will be provided to guide grantees along with assistance from the Georgia Shape and Falcons Team.

How to Apply: Apply online here by December 15, 2018.

Questions? Email Georgia Shape HERE



Our organization is interested in using the Rise Up! 159 Mini-Grant funds to (select appropriate box):

Action Plan

In 1,000 words or less, please upload an action plan that outlines the following:

  • How you plan to grow or establish your flag football activities
  • Number and types of children you plan to engage in your activities
  • Brief timeline of activities, and logistic information (i.e.- practice/game days and times)
  • Who will lead/assist with efforts (coach/mentor, assistants, etc.)
  • Plans for making appropriate nutrition/hydration resources available to participants
  • Outreach and/or communication efforts you plan to do to increase participation and motivate females and children with disabilities to participate


This grant program offers mini-grants between $1,000 and 10,000.

Please attach a brief draft budget proposal that aligns with the activities proposed above. Please include the following components in your budget:

  • Equipment
  • Staff
  • Field/Space Costs
  • Nutrition Costs (includes plans for hydration)
  • Transportation
  • Incentives
  • Supplies
  • Special Events.

If cost is not an issue for a specific component, please note that in your budget. For example, if your organization does not need to fund transportation or field costs, please note that in your budget.

Please base equipment costs in your budget off of the official NFL Flag Football equipment portal located at the link below.

  1. Falcons Jerseys - $15.00, each
  2. Belts - $5.00, each
  3. Footballs - $12.00, each (1 football per every 5th belt ordered)
  4. Full Kit - $20.00, each includes: 
  • Falcons Jersey
  • Belt
  • (1) Football (1 football per every 5th kit ordered)

Please also include the cost of registering your program and each child ($25 per child) in your program through the NFL Flag Football portal for league play. Do not include this in your budget if you are applying for PE, or during school, programs.  Successful applicants must also include official Falcons reversible NFL Flag jerseys for participants in their budget.  To order flag football equipment, contact Dailey Joy Foster; dfoster@usafootball.com or call 317-614-7759.


Note: Items proposed in the budget may be subject to change in order to meet grant deliverables and expectations.

*Budgets may be amended during the grant cycle if awarded, however all amendments must be sent in writing and approved by the Georgia Shape/Falcons team. 

Attach Budget Document HERE (Please convert your document(s) to a single PDF file or you may copy/paste your budget directly in this form using the Paste Budget box below.

Upload Budget file here (See instructions above)

Submission Confirmation

  1. I have consulted with my organization’s leader (Principal, President, Director, etc) about this application and they will fully support the proposed actions/activities if funded.
  2. I have consulted with my organizations nutrition professionals about this application and they will fully support the proposed activities if funded and will ensure that the appropriate hydration and nutrition resources will be available to participants.  

For child hydration guidelines, visit Strong4Life.

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