Youth Tobacco Use Surveillance

Georgia Youth Tobacco Survey (YTS)

The Georgia Youth Tobacco Survey (YTS) is a survey of public middle and high school students.  The Georgia YTS was first conducted in 2001 and then four years later in 2005. It has been conducted every two years since 2009 and uses a sample that represents the state as a whole. The YTS provides comprehensive data on various tobacco-related topics for middle and high school students in the state. Topics include: tobacco use, access to tobacco products, smoking cessation, healthcare provider advice about the dangers of using tobacco, knowledge and attitudes about tobacco, social influences for tobacco use, exposure of tobacco products in the media and the internet, and exposure to secondhand smoke.

A two-stage cluster sample design is used to produce a representative sample of students in grades 6-8 and grades 9-12. In the first stage, schools are selected randomly within the grade range specified with a probability proportional to enrollment size.  At the second stage, classes are randomly selected from within the selected schools and all the students within a selected class are surveyed. YTS data are weighted to adjust for any unequal probabilities of selection, nonresponse, and disproportionate selection of different population groups. Results from the YTS can be used to make inferences concerning tobacco use risk behaviors of all regular public middle and high school students in Georgia.

2013 Youth Tobacco Survey

In 2013, the Georgia Department of Public Health administered the YTS to public middle and high schools.  41 middle schools with 2,100 6th to 8th grade students and 35 high schools with 1,776 9th to 12th grade students participated in the survey.

2013 YTS Questionnaire 


2013 Youth Electronic Cigarette Smoking Data Summary 

2014 Youth Tobacco Use Data Summary 

2014 Youth Tobacco-Free School Policy Report 

Preliminary Reports

Middle School

2013 Georgia Middle School Sample Description 

2013 Georgia Middle School Detail Tables 

2013 Georgia Middle School Summary Tables 

High School

2013 Georgia High School Sample Description 

2013 Georgia High School Detail Tables 

2013 Georgia High School Summary Tables 

Data Summaries

Archived Reports, Data Summaries and Questionaires

Georgia Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS)

The Georgia Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) obtains information from a sample of public middle and high school students about the prevalence and age of initiation of various health risk behaviors including tobacco use. The YRBS is conducted every other year and, like the YTS, uses a two-stage cluster sample design.





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